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Arzel Solution-Based Comfort Zoning | Heating & Cooling
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Arzel Solution-Based Comfort Zoning | Heating & Cooling
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Zoning Systems

Arzel Solution-Based ComfortFred's Home Services is proud to carry and service the full line of Arzel solution-based comfort zoning systems. Arzel's zoning control systems allow for customizable heating and cooling solutions for each room in your home, allowing for maximum comfort, and peace of mind.

How Does Zoning Work?

Right now, your entire home is controlled by one tiny box on the wall in your hallway. A hallway which no one spends much time and has an irregular temperature pattern when compared to the rest of your home. How can one thermostat located in a hallway control the heating and cooling of all the areas in your home?

It simply cannot. The design and lifestyle patterns of your home create many temperature differences a single thermostat just cannot serve. Multiple thermostats, however, can give you the control you need. Zoning creates areas or "comfort zones" which all have their own, individual thermostat. If you have four zones, you have four thermostats. With separate thermostats, each comfort zone signals the heating and cooling systems independently. This eliminates the over conditioning of one area of your home to make another comfortable.

Your home's design creates irregular heating and cooling due to the amount of exposure to the sun. Other factors that may influence the temperature in your home include the existence of conditioned space below or adjacent to the room, the performance of the insulation and how the room is used.

In addition, your family members may each have their own temperature preferences or needs. For instance, the new baby's room may need to be warmer as her body reacts differently to temperature than her parents in the master bedroom. Typically, your family does not agree on which temperature is the right one to set the thermostat, leaving some uncomfortably hot or cold.

The Arzel Zoning System solves the issues associated with a single thermostat by putting the control where it's needed when it's wanted. Zoning provides the comfort and control you expect in your home while using less energy to operate your heating and cooling equipment. Put yourself in charge of your comfort-after all, you don't live in the hallway!

Interested in having an Arzel Zoning System installed?

To place an order, or have an Arzel zoning unit installed by Fred's certified technician, call our friendly dispatcher anytime at (216) 481-4200 and we will bring the comfort to you!

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